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Ten tips to turn your lifestyle around in just one day (Part 2)

You made a great start to doing things differently. Well done. Here are another five tips.

Get some sun
It’s a source of vitamin D, but it’s also good for our mood. Obviously be smart if it’s hot, but try to squeeze in some sunshine.

Sit down to snack
If you’re usually hanging out for something to eat at 4 or 5pm, plan something healthy that will keep you going until dinner. Sit down and eat it properly. That’s way smarter than mindlessly snacking your way through the afternoon. Don’t keep unhealthy foods around, but even if you’re snacking on good food, a mouthful here and there (and here and there, and here and there) adds up to more than you think. 

Trim your portions
Gotten into the habit of eating more than you need? Try making dinner tonight one-third smaller. Eat slowly and chew well.

Back off the booze
If you routinely drink wine with dinner, but know your energy levels and your waistline would be better off without it, try just having a glass at weekends. 

Get eight hours sleep
Go to get to bed early; rest and repair are important. 

But first, put out your exercise gear. Check the forecast if you plan to walk — you might want to add a hat or umbrella to the pile. 

Before you tuck in for the night, take a moment to reflect on the day. Even if it was testing, there’s a lot to appreciate. Get present to that. And you, no doubt, made a start on a healthier lifestyle. Congratulations and keep it up.

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Saturday, October 28, 2017 | Rhonda Anderson