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My Top Ten health tips

From time to time I get asked to provide a list like this for other people’s blogs or something similar. I was recently asked to come up with one, so for what it’s worth I’ll share it here. 

1. Get enough good quality sleep. Otherwise you won’t feel like exercising and you won’t make smart decisions about food.

2. Keep your blood sugar stable because it’ll make a huge difference to your risk of chronic disease. Eat meals that focus on protein, plenty of vegies or salad, and a bit of good fat, with minimal steps from paddock to plate. 

3. Take care of your gut. It provides the nutrients for your bodily function and is closely linked to the health of your brain. Concentrate on the food types listed in number 2, drink enough pure water, and don’t eat processed food. Ideally, add something fermented, such as sauerkraut, to keep your gut bacteria healthy.

4. Move. Even people who are ‘not into exercise’ can find ways to build up to a daily walk of 20 minutes or so. Then mix it up so you’re walking up and down hill, on different surfaces, and so on. And try to minimise your sitting time.

5. Find out how to stretch tight muscles. As you get older it’ll help your posture and keep you mobile and pain-free.

6. Learn to use your breath. A few slow deep breaths can energise you when you need a lift or calm you when you’re stressed.

7. Spend time in Nature. It’s soothing and helps re-calibrate our brains. 

8. Look after your feet. If they’re painful it’ll restrict your mobility. That means wearing (mostly) flat shoes with enough room, and giving your feet a break from shoes as often as you can. 

9. Change your lifestyle rather than taking medication if you have a choice. Drugs invariably have side-effects, and a lot of illnesses can be kept at bay by eating healthily, staying active and reducing stress. 

10. Care enough about yourself to learn what you need to feel at your best. Then honour it. 

It’s not a bad list, but if I was being picky, I think good postural habits, good relationships, and strength building deserve a place on the ‘most important habits for older women’ list. So make it a bakers’ dozen of tips.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017 | Rhonda Anderson