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Is it menopause or ageing?

Our bodies change with both, so how do we know which causes what? It can be hard to tease them apart.

I recently came across an old article from the North American Menopause Association that tackled this so I thought I’d share it.

Can’t remember what you came into this room for?
That’s ageing.

Loss of bone density?
Both menopause and ageing.

Hairs on your chin?
That’s both.

Weight gain?

Night sweats?
Menopause, though other conditions (such as thyroid disease) can also be a cause.

Mood swings?

Increased risk of breast cancer?

Vaginal dryness?

Interesting, isn’t it? (And now that you feel depressed, go for a walk. Exercise relieves depression!)

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017 | Rhonda Anderson