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How much should you walk in bare feet?

More than any other season, summer is about kicking off your shoes. But be judicious about where you do that.

Feet change over time. Especially after menopause they lose some of their elasticity (collagen) and the fat pads that cushion our soles. 

By all means walk barefoot on soft surfaces such as sand and grass if that works for you. At home it’s fine if you have carpet or cork-tiled floors.

But if your floors are hard — wood, ceramic tiles or concrete — they’re not the best for lots of barefoot walking. 
If your feet are well-padded it mightn’t bother you, otherwise find a pair of comfy but supportive shoes — something that feels relaxed but has a decent arch support. 

I know it’s sacrilege in Australia to say that thongs aren’t ideal footwear, but without a strap at the back your toes have to grip to keep them on. They’re OK for brief stints, but they’re not great house shoes.

Healthy feet are important for a healthy ageing, and part of that means preserving them.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018 | Rhonda Anderson