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How kind is your inner voice when you look in the mirror?

ABC Radio National’s Life Matters Program recently asked whether the self-critical voice in our heads gets any kinder as we get older?

Not according to a listener called ‘Stevie’. Stevie wrote in to say that since she’d retired, life was largely taken up with self-maintenance.

“When I was young”, she said, “I ate whatever I liked, exercised sporadically, and was having too much fun to wonder if I looked OK”. 

Then she gave a rundown of what her week looks like now. 

Monday. To the shopping centre for long-sleeved t-shirts to hide my flabby arms, and leggings to cover my varicose veins. Call in to the bookshop. Need books on diet, exercise, and how to calculate my BMI. Read these in the hairdressers while I get my greys camouflaged. 

Tuesday. To the optician. Must have trendy glasses. Then on to the chemist for skin lightener to banish those ugly liver spots.

Wednesday. Visit the dentist to preserve my shining white smile. And to voice lessons — I don’t want to sound like a quavering granny. 

Thursday. Weight training to improve those tuck shop arms, then on to aquarobics to keep the heart pumping healthily. 

Friday. We go to yoga to maintain flexibility and balance. Can I stand on one leg to put on my trousers? Then to Italian classes to keep those synapses firing and fight off the creeping Alzheimer’s disease.

Saturday. To the physio to fix up the back strain acquired at yoga, and then to the doctor to get my cholesterol and blood pressure checked. Don’t want to overdo it with all this exercise. 

Sunday. Meditation to lower stress and avoid needless anxiety about whether I left the cooker on. 

Many of us can relate! 

To the 35 year olds who are worried about their appearance, she says, “Oh girls, there is a long way to go!”

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Monday, May 30, 2016 | Rhonda Anderson