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Four things you can do right now to finish 2018 in a healthier place

After New Year, September may be the other most likely time of the year for making a change to the way we take care of ourselves. 

It’s easy through winter to put away a little more food than we need or to find ourselves in a rut. If we’ve had a late cold, it can leave us feeling flat.

But along with the warmer weather, September brings a new wave of optimism. 

Aside from being the start of spring, it’s also the end of the third-quarter. If you’d planned to make changes to your life or your lifestyle this year but lost track of them, September’s a reminder that it’s not too late.

There’s still one-quarter to go, and that gives us time to finish the year feeling like we’ve moved forward.

Here are four things we can do to boost our well-being before the year’s over.

First up, make one healthy change to your diet.

Just one. 

For example, find yourself some new recipes. You don’t even have to buy cookbooks — there are plenty in council libraries. (If you’re stuck for a place to start go to Maggie Beer’s Maggie’s Recipe for Life or Hetty McKinnon’s books that I referred to last month.)

If you typically eat meat for dinner, find some fibre-rich, meat-free recipes. Or ways to include more fish in your diet. Chase up ideas for wherever you need them. 

In the habit of snacking too much between meals? Have a couple of glasses of water instead. It’s far easier to drink more water once the weather warms up.

You can also jazz it up a bit with slices of lemon, strawberry or cucumber, or mint leaves.

And find some healthy snacks so that if you still need something there's a nutritious option on hand.

PS. If you need to clear out the processed food from your fridge or pantry, now’s the time.

Second, do something that’ll make you feel happy. Enrol in a class you’ve been meaning to do, buy yourself flowers (or check out the spring flowers in parks), get a pedicure, book a holiday, see a feel-good movie (Ladies in Black?), and so on.

Aside from that, be happy for no good reason.

Third, get more active. Start walking or join an exercise class. In winter it’s easy to make all of those ‘too late, too dark, too cold and miserable’ excuses. Make the most of the mild, longer days.

Four, do something nurturing and relaxing. If you’re one of those people who’s always busy or doesn't say no to preserve yourself, that’s draining. Do something that takes the hard work out of life. Try saying no, too.

Christmas is in the wind, we know that.

But it’s not here yet. There are eight full weeks before the start of December. Make them count. You might even enlist a friend to join you.

Don’t try to do too much though — be satisfied with one thing.

And even if you take only the teeniest step, it’ll be a step in the right direction. 

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018 | Rhonda Anderson