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Five ways to save your knees

If we want to live full, healthy lives we need healthy joints. But when it comes to knees, many of us have degenerative problems such as arthritis or meniscal tears.

It’s common to blame our age, but age gets blamed for way too much that isn’t its fault.

So what can we do to save our knees and stop them from wearing out?

Watch the way you stand.
Since our knees sit between our feet and our hips, feet are a good place to start. Stand with them parallel and your weight equally distributed. If you have to stand for a long time, take your weight to the outside edges.

If you notice that you stand with your hips forward and your weight in the balls of your feet, bring your hips back so your weight is carried over your heels where the bones are stronger.

And stand vertically. Side-on, you want to be able to run a straight line down from your ear through the middle of your shoulder, to your hip, your knee and your ankle.

If your feet are parallel and your body is lined up straight you won’t be putting undue stress on any part of your knees. 

Get out of your heeled shoes. 
Even if you love them, your knees don’t. Heels push your weight forward and your knees and pelvis have to compensate. Check to see if you carry your weight forward.

Stretch and strengthen your leg muscles. 
You don’t want the muscles around your knees to be too tight or too weak so your knees are pulled off-centre. They should be well-balanced to provide the best support. Especially stretch your calves. If they’re tight, your thighs can be tight too.

If you’re overweight, lose a bit. 
Extra weight means extra pressure on your knees. 

Don't sit for too long.

It’s easy to spend long periods with our knees at a 90-degree angle. So change position, get up, move, and stretch.

Get professional help with any of these if you need it, but a little regular TLC might just save you a visit to the surgeon.

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Saturday, October 28, 2017 | Rhonda Anderson