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Five things I've learned about my body in the last 10 years

Today I’m 60. Looking back on the last decade there are a few things I’ve learned about my (older) body in that time. Here are five.

It doesn’t like sitting for long periods.
It complains. I end up with a sore back, backside and hamstrings, and it can take weeks to sort it out. So I need to get up and down, stretch, go for a walk…

The trouble with standing at the computer instead of sitting is that I unconsciously lean to one side, bend, twist, lean to the other side… I can’t stand straight to save myself if I’m thinking about something else. So I get a sore back, backside and hamstrings again. Which leads me to the next point.

Posture matters. More than ever. 
If I don’t pay attention, I’m a natural born slumper. But poor posture makes some muscles too short and others too long, and forces some joints to carry more than they should. Again, they don’t go quietly; they complain, and become inflamed or injured. Injuries come about when muscles are too weak or too tight, or we overload them.

In addition to making sure we’re well-aligned, the keys are stretching and strengthening, and not overdoing things. 

It’s hard to beat a good sleep.
Everything works better when we’ve slept well. It’s also handy to top up in winter because it’s a lot harder when the nights are hot and the birds are chirpy at 4.00am. I’m generally a good sleeper but if I’m going through a rough patch an Epsom salts bath makes a difference. 

Feet are precious. 
Early this year I injured a tendon in my left arch and it reminded me that feet do a tremendous amount of work and there’s a lot you can’t do when they hurt. I was never one for high heels because my skinny, hard-to-fit, size 10-and-a-half feet don’t suit them, but now more than ever my focus is on kind shoes. 

Strength doesn’t change much.
I’m pretty strong and I can still manage the same exercises with the same weights that I was using a decade ago.

The only glitch came about four years ago. I was stretching my tight left hip (probably after too much sitting) and felt a ping. That turned out to be a small tear. Concerned that I could injure a muscle so easily, I decided to try bio-identical hormone cream. I don’t know how much it’s helped, but so far, so good. 

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017 | Rhonda Anderson