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A few good quotes

Here’s a handful of interesting quotes I’ve come across in the last month (on time, food, getting older and keeping fit).

I use every scrap of the day like an Italian farmer uses all of the pig. 
Journalist Annabel Crabb, in her 2015 book The Wife Drought.
There’s probably not a woman alive who can’t relate to that. 

Good food can be fast, easy, healthy and delicious, and that has bugger all to do with making it slow or complicated.
Chef Adam Liaw, in The Sydney Morning Herald.

This is the most comfortable I’ve felt in all my life, the most comfortable I’ve felt about myself. 
CEO of Oxfam Australia, Dr Helen Szoke, at age 63, interviewed by Kim Williams on ABC Radio National’s What Keeps Me Awake.

And here she identifies staying physically fit as a basis for doing her job:
I’ve got two guys that I do different kinds of physical training with, which I really love. I find that’s really important to me… to have the energy and the kind of capacity to keep up the pace, that you need to have a good, strong, physical base to do that. 

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Monday, November 27, 2017 | Rhonda Anderson