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80 can look like this

If you think life as an 80-year old is about decline, take a look at this man. You might have seen him in the media recently strutting his stuff on the runway for Fashion Week in China.

His name is Wang Deshun. He’s a performance artist who first set foot in a gym when he was 50. He ‘really got into working out’ at age 70 and started modeling at 79.

Google him and you discover that Wang doesn’t just look darn good without a shirt; he’s also interested in trying new things and has a youthful mindset. 

I think there are a group of factors that help us to maintain our quality of life as we get older, and attitude is high on the list. 

And look at the way he walks. The video is 2.22 long and he doesn't make an entrance until 2.05, so you can either watch a procession of floral cat-like outfits or skip straight to that bit.

Photo Source: Dr Oz The Good Life

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Thursday, November 10, 2016 | Rhonda Anderson