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Dr Rhonda Anderson and Fit and Well

Hi, I’m Rhonda Anderson and my goal is to help you to live life fully and fabulously, especially as you get older.

Your health is your greatest asset. It allows you to do what matters to you, regardless of whether you want to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, run a business, work in your garden, or play with your grandkids.

When I say health, I mean that experience of ‘joie de vivre’ that comes from great nutrition, intelligent movement, a balance between work and play, and a robust attitude towards ageing. It includes sunshine, fresh air, a good laugh and a decent night’s sleep — the things that add spark to our lives at any age.

I’m an exercise physiologist, but exercise is just a part of healthy ageing. I also have a background in nutrition, hormonal health and health behaviour change, including training in the holistic CHEK system.

I run exercise and relaxation sessions, nutrition and weight loss programs, and seminars, to help my clients make healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes.

My PhD research was on the exercise and dietary habits of women in their 50s and 60s. This is a time when many women try to improve their health, and I wanted to find out what changes they make, why they make them, and whether they stick with them. You can read more about that here.  

While my expertise is with women, I also work with men, because they need help with their health too, especially after age 50. In 2008 I completed a PhD on the exercise and dietary behaviour of midlife women. You can read a summary of my thesis here.

I’m a born ‘n’ bred Queensland country girl with a passion for healthy ageing that goes back a long way. Even in my 30s I was designing and running retirement planning seminars for Tasmanian public servants, and sessions on menopause at the Brisbane Women’s Health Centre.

I’ve managed government programs aimed at increasing health and physical activity, taught diet and exercise subjects in universities, schools and TAFE colleges, spoken at national conferences, been a presenter for ABC radio and TV, and written a weekly column for The Australian.

In my younger years I was best known as a runner. I won races such as the Gold Coast Marathon and represented Australia over that distance. I still hold a national record for running 50 miles, or 80kms, which even I admit is ridiculous.

While I’ve spent nearly four decades gathering qualifications I think the most important one is that I’m in my late 50s, so I’ve had time to see trends come and go, and to learn from my mistakes.

One thing I’ve come to understand is that everything is connected, and that we have to approach health holistically. We tamper with Mother Nature at our peril. Science is a great tool, but when we use it to try to override the natural order of things, we come to grief. We need to balance the best of what science and medicine have to offer with common sense and respect for Nature’s rhythms, cycles and seasons.

I’ve also learned that there are few one-size-fits-all solutions. We’re all different. Too often we ignore our own intuition to follow the advice of so-called experts. But it’s vital to listen to our bodies and trust ourselves.

Through my research, consultations, exercise sessions, seminars and writing I’m committed to bringing you as much health wisdom as I can. So if you’re interested in healthy ageing, go ahead and subscribe to my newsletter. It’s free.

There’s information, which is just noise. There’s knowledge, which is your understanding of that information. And then, there’s wisdom, which is your ability to apply that knowledge to how you live your life.
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