About the book

Australia, get ready — there’s a silver tsunami on the way. The younger Baby Boomers are in their early 50s and the older members of that cohort are in their 70s. Ageing is big and it’s about to get bigger. The mainstream view is that it’s all downhill, that getting older is about loss and decline, especially for women.

But as Rhonda Anderson shows us in this practical and empowering book, it most definitely doesn’t have to be that way.

Life After Menopause

Being older brings wisdom, depth and richness. Not to mention the legendary post-menopausal zest that anthropologist Margaret Mead told us about.

Ageing can be enlivening and satisfying, as long as we’re healthy. And at the core of good health are good habits. Blending personal stories, down-to-earth information and recent research, Dr Anderson describes how to develop good habits and outlines five that are key to being healthy and vital as we get older.

There’s also a quiz to help you identify habits that might warrant more of your attention.

This book is aimed at older women who are willing to believe that their best is yet to come.